Van Gogh Watercolor 12Pans Metal Box

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Van Gogh water colours are a transparent paint with intense colours. All colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. Thanks to their purity you can easily mix and wash the colours to the finest of nuances. Lively colours are the result! The wide range of 72 colours is available in tubes and pans. There is also a wide selection of sets that are handy to take with you. Always ready for use!

• Easy colour transfer
• Strong and highly transparent colours
• Uniform viscosity of the various colours
• All colours are highly lightfast, even when thinned a great deal

Contents :
108 Chinese White 
254 Permanent Lemon Yellow
269 Azo Yellow Medium
370 Permanent Red Deep
331 Madder Lake Light
512 Cobalt Blue Ultramarine
506 Ultramarine Deep
662 Permanent Green
227 Yellow Ochre
411 Burnt Siena
708 Paynes Grey