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Jieyanow Atelier Rubber Stamp - Fly Me To The Moon
Fly “Me” To The Moon_La Luna - the Moon as if seen from the earth; capable to stamp images of the successive changes in appearance (phases) of moon during a month..12 Zodiac - symbolizes “you” in this collection; connect the...
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Frames Red Rubber Stamp
Polaroid - RM35/each7.0cm x 4.7cm _Vintage Film - RM25/each3.5cm x 2.3cm_Postal Stamp - RM25/each3.5cm x 2.3cm
from RM25.00
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The Folk Collection Set of 3
‘The Folk Collection’ .Bonsai is a beautiful art of growing energy, a tree of harmony which symbolises love, intuition, calm and peace. This rich cultural symbolism brings abundance of luck. .The legendary crane is venerated as the prince of all feathered...
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