In the world of endless digital distractions,
a simple act of writing on paper,
calms the mind and soothes the soul.
We strive to provide the finest writing tools,
at the most reasonable price,
with the best shopping experience.
Whether you are a crafter, artist, or a beginner,
you are invited to this wonderful journey of stationery.
Welcome to WRITER.

WRITER Stationery Store is founded in 2016 as a Fine Stationery Boutique in Penang, Malaysia. WRITER sells a wide range of imported stationery: fountain pen, notebook, stickers, washi tape, rubber stamps and more. The flagship store is located in Level 4 Gurney Plaza. In addition, there is also a 2nd branch (WRITER Campbell) in the heart of heritage Georgetown at Campbell Street. In 2019, WRITER launches online stores at Shopee and
At 6/6/2022, WRITER has moved from all the locations and combined into a single store at P.66. You can follow WRITER on Instagram at @writerstore and

寫者文房具是一間在2016年創立的文具精品店,位於檳城,馬來西亞。寫者文房具(英譯:WRITER)售卖一系列的进口文具,包括:钢笔、笔记本、贴纸、和纸胶带、印章等等。寫者的主要分店座落於葛尼廣場的四樓,也有第二分行在喬治市古蹟區的新街里。在2019年,寫者在蝦皮和 開始經營線上商店。
在6/6/2022,WRITER正式搬迁至P.66。欲想要寫者的最新動態,可以在Instagram 跟從 @writerstore 和。


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