SUNNY Contents Refill LSNC-04 Wish List

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WISH LIST that allows you
to write down what you want to do, whether on or off. Write down the WISH LIST in the gaps of each day and review it for a fulfilling day.
・ 32 pages in total
・ WISH LIST x 6 pages
・ BOOK LIST x 2 pages
・ MOVIE LIST x 2 pages
・ MY TREASURE LIST x 2 pages
・ WORLD MAP x 2 pages
・ JAPANESE MAP x 2 pages
・ FREE NOTE (dot grid) x 15 Page

This is a work note that makes the year clear.
Aiming to be a partner who is close to the daily lives of workers, we have provided functionality that makes it easy to organize notes and tolerance that can be taken in multiple ways beyond work.
For all workers, "a place of your own" that no one needs to worry about.
Let's clean up our head and make it a sunny year like you.