SUNNY Notebook LSN-04 Turquoise
SUNNY Notebook LSN-04 Turquoise
SUNNY Notebook LSN-04 Turquoise
SUNNY Notebook LSN-04 Turquoise

SUNNY Notebook LSN-04 Turquoise

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"Work notebook" that can be pulled out quickly even if
you write it roughly SUNNY NOTE for business A
notebook series that you can customize more personally based on the work notebook with excellent searchability.
A discerning format that allows you to quickly retrieve the information you need, even for work notebooks that you cannot write carefully.
A5 size notebook that is easy to spread and carry at your desk.
Keep your work, your private life, your ideas, and your minutes all in one.

The number of pages is 157 pages that can be fully used.
We use book paper that makes it difficult to see the characters on the back.

page numbered notes and INDEX pages thatyou can quickly retrieve when you want to look back, you canquickly retrieve the necessary information even for work notes that you can not write carefully.

The format of the text is a grid split note that is easy to separate. It is easy
to organize and writenotes in a format that is easyto divide.
The grid size is 2.5 mm, which is easy to use even if it is fine or rough.

This is a work note that makes the year clear.
Aiming to be a partner who is close to the daily lives of workers, we have provided functionality that makes it easy to organize notes and tolerance that can be taken in multiple ways beyond work.
For all workers, "a place of your own" that no one needs to worry about.
Let's clean up our head and make it a sunny year like you.