AIUEO Applique Couple Fish
AIUEO Applique Couple Fish
AIUEO Applique Couple Fish

AIUEO Applique Couple Fish

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-"COUPLE" series-The "COUPLE" series with a 
pair of applique designs. 
Share with friends and partners, and put on a set of two items GOOD! 
You can enjoy it alone or two. 

CHU! Colorful fish applique facing each other. 
Pop Plump lips to the body of the handle is charm point ☆ 
course of it can be bonded with an iron 
other than cloth in so also of the easily pasted seal type things 
you can add easily to various materials. 

Put on a pair, put on matching shirts and T-shirts ☆ 
Add right and left to a pair of slippers and socks  

Set contents 
· Applique × 2 

package size 
Vertical 80 mm Horizontal 90 mm 

table: Rayon yarn 
Back: Iron seal, bonded processing