AIUEO Schedule Pop Stickers Line 2
AIUEO Schedule Pop Stickers Line 2

AIUEO Schedule Pop Stickers Line 2

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Decorate your schedule book easily! 
It's also fun to draw a “line” tailored to your trip, such as waves and cactuses. The 

line has perforations so you can easily cut it off as much as you want! 
Since it has 2 sheets of the same pattern, you can use it plenty. 

★ Point ★ 
・ You can write characters on the sticker with a ballpoint pen or oil pen. 
・ Because it is a transparent material, it can be seen through when it is pasted from the top of the text. 

The set includes 
the same pattern second sheet containing 

package size 
vertical 164mm horizontal 90mm 

Notes on Using 
Please use an oil-based pen or oil-based ballpoint pen when writing on the seal. 
Water-based pens are not suitable.