Flower Seal Light Sakura
Flower Seal Light Sakura
Flower Seal Light Sakura

Flower Seal Light Sakura

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There is a new type that can be written on the pretty flower flower seal with beautiful flowers.
Recommended for decoration on colored paper and albums.
Scattered in an empty space, it has a lovely petal seal.
◆ Masking tape material
◆ 39 pieces in total
Writeable seal: 6 patterns × 4 each / hot with gold
Petal seal: 3 patterns × 5 each
※ If this product uses water-based ink or gel ink, there is a possibility that the ink may be repelled or written.
Make sure to use oil-based ink pen and magic when using it.
◆ Package seal: H102 x W100 x D5 mm
◆ Seal size
Writeable seal: in H47 x W47mm
Petal seal: Within H20 x W 20 mm