Notebook B5 DC Style Jewelry /AW
Notebook B5 DC Style Jewelry /AW
Notebook B5 DC Style Jewelry /AW

Notebook B5 DC Style Jewelry /AW

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The / stationery / bulk buying / school which has a cute B5 size /
"A hologram" shining vivid "gradation" a gentle "picture in watercolors touch" of the Disney girls whom a girl has a crush on is [STYLE JEWERY] stationery series ☆ 彡 of the point
Item [B5 cross notebook] basic as for this
It is an outstanding performance mistake pear in study and a private by a simple wide ruled line type!
As there are various kinds of pretty stationery of the pattern, collect a favorite♪

■Size: 5 (179*252mm)
[Made in Japan]


The stationery which the Disney popularity girls character whom a girl had a crush on was easy to use came up!
◎"The hologram" which Kira っと shines bright "gradation" "a picture in watercolors touch" easy for you that I only have ink that the color development is good for an item and Kira っと using a glittering hologram, and it is in specifications becoming glad is a point!
◎The cover is kraft paper of the popularity!
◎I use good fluorescence ink of the color development


The text: 32 pieces of 5mm trout squares

[body size]
W175 X H250 X D4mm